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Sex Stories: Week in Review 5/31/13

Sexual Health Rankings™ is pleased to present Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from the around the country.

Facebook Promises to Act Against Gender-Based Hate

In response to a dedicated and organized effort of Internet activists demanding that Facebook remove groups celebrating or advocating for rape, sexism, and sexual violence, Facebook has promised to update training to employs and review their content to better identify and remove hate speech on the Web site.

 California: State-Wide Condom Bill Shelved

This proposed legislation, which would, among other STD-reduction provisions, require the usage of condoms in any adult movies filmed anywhere in California, has been put on hold by the Assembly until at least next year. The ballot measure passed last November requiring the usage of condoms in films shot in Los Angeles County, however, is still active.

Arizona: ACLU Sues State Over Race- and Sex-Abortion Ban

In yet another choice-related news story coming out of Arizona in the past few weeks, the American Civil Liberties Union is taking the state to court to block a 2011 law that makes it a felony to knowingly provide a sex- or race-based abortion. Lawyers from the ACLU say that the law unconstitutionally singles out racial minority women and hampers their ability to choose to end their pregnancies.

Gay Boy Scouts Now Welcomed in Troops … Until they turn 18

In an oft-reported story this week, the Boy Scouts have ended their decades-long ban on gay kids in the program, issuing a resolution stating that youth may not be denied membership based on sexual orientation or preference. Gay adults, however, are still not allowed to serve in the Boy Scouts as scoutmasters or volunteers, meaning that youth are still at risk of being removed from the program when they come of age.

Indiana: High Court Declines to Hear Anti-Planned Parenthood Appeal

The state’s Supreme Court has refused without comment listen to Indiana’s defense of the law, overturned by a lower court, that would prohibit any Medicaid funds from going to organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide abortions (although such money already is not permitted to be used for abortion services). By declining to take the case, the Supreme Court lets the previous ruling stand, ensuring that such organizations are still capable of receiving Medicaid funds and thus providing all manner of sexual and reproductive health care.

Sex Stories: Week in Review, 5/24/13

Sexual Health Rankings is pleased to introduce Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from the around the country.

Downtrend in Teen Birth Rates

The CDC reports that teen birth rates in the United States declined across all racial/ethnic groups, and fell at least 15% for all but two states during 2007-2011. The sharpest declines were seen among Hispanic teenagers (34% reduction on average), followed by non-Hispanic black teenagers (24%), and then non-Hispanic white teenagers (20%).

Illinois: Let’s Talk About Birth Control

Things are looking good for sex ed in the Midwest! A new law has passed the Illinois Senate requiring that schools provide information about birth control in sex education classes for students aged 6-12.

Genital Warts Scarier Than Cancer?

A new study from researchers at Ohio State University and Texas Tech University shows that young women appear much more willing to get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine if providers stress that it can prevent genital warts rather than emphasize that the vaccine prevents cervical cancer. HPV infection causes, and the vaccine protects against, both diseases.

Arkansas: 12-Week Abortion Ban Blocked

Good news from Arkansas: In March, they passed one of the most stringent anti-abortion laws in the country, banning the procedure at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Until last Friday, that is, when a federal judge blocked the enforcement of this law, saying it was likely unconstitutional.

Arizona: Abortion Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Big week for choice! Arizona’s new anti-abortion law, which would have banned abortions performed after 20 weeks regardless of fetal status, was struck down for being unconstitutional and at odds with prior US Supreme Court rulings that nationally guaranteed the right to abortion any time before a fetus is deemed viable.