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Sex Stories: Week in Review, 3/28/14

Sexual Health Rankings presents Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from around the country.

What Role Does Alcohol Play in Men’s Sexual Aggression? (Kinsey Confidential)

A new study examining the relationship between rape culture and alcohol consumption found that most acts of sexual aggression in bars are committed by men towards women and the acts are intentiona to some degree. Men become more aggressive as women drank more, although their own alcohol intake did not affect their behaviors. Finally, the study found that neither staff nor friends regukarky intervened and the latter group actually encouraged the aggressor.

Women with Heart Disease Benefit More from Exercise than Men (Headlines and Global News)

A study of over 2300 patients with heart failure found that there are gender differences in the effect of exercise on reducing bith mortality and hospitalizations. Females had significantly reduced risks of both outcomes as compared to make participants. The differences may be related to other new research which provides evidence that peak heart rates need to be calculated differently for men and women.

Michigan Won’t Recognize Same-Sex Marriages (USA Today)

Over 300 Michigan same-sex couples who married Saturday will not be receiving any legal benefits anytime soon. An appeals court put a stay on a ruling that struck down the state’s amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. The marriages are being reocgnized as legal but it could take months, and maybe a trip to the Supreme Court, before the couples will know for sure if their marriages will be recognized.

World Vision Reverses Decision to Allow Same-Sex Marriages (The Wire)

Faced with lots of criticism and the threat of lost funding, World Vision, one of the biggest Christian charities in the US has decided it will not allow employees to marry someone of the same gender. In its letter to donors, the charity claimed their original decision to allow same-sex marriage was a break from their Statement of Faith and commitment to the bible.

DOJ Trains Cops to Work with Transgender People (ABC News)

In response to the disproportionate rates of violence against trans* people as well as severe underreporting of crimes against them, the DOJ has launched a training program to teach local cops how to work with and build trust among the community. The policy director of the National Center for Transgender Equality helped design the training. Advocates see the program as a good first step to respond to this problem.

Hobby Lobby Contraceptive Case Goes Before Supreme Court (NPR)

The Supreme Court began hearing arguments this week about the constitutionality of requiring businnes to provide all FDA-approved forms of birth control services covered by health plans. The fight is led by arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby whose owners are conservative Christians and feel for-profit organizations who dssire to opt out of this mandate should be able just as religious non-profits can. Important aspects of the case include the public health impact and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Justices initial arguments were split along gender lines. The decision is expected to be made in June.

Sex Stories: Week in Review, 3/21/14

Sexual Health Rankings presents Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from around the country.

Army General Reaches Deal on Sex Counts (New York Times)

A senior Army officer has agreed to plead guilty to minor charges in exchange for prosecuters dropping more serious ones including forcing a captain to perform oral sex on him. The General’s punishment will not be determined until the hearing ends but similar cases involved the guilty receiving no jail time and retiring at a lower rank.

Episcopal Bishop in Michigan Backs Same-Sex Marriage (USA Today)

The head of southereastern Michigan’s Episcopal Church has come out in support of same-sex marriage. Reverend Wendell Gibbs feels that it is unjust to pick whose rights are protected and that such law promote segregation and dehumanization. Despite these views, same sex marriage is still illegal in Michigan so no unions will be held just yet.

Kentucky Same-Sex Marriage Recognition Put on Hold (ABC News)

A ruling that recognized same sex couples who were married in other states is on hold in Kentucky. The district judge who filed for the stay feels that it is better to wait until a final decision is made by the higher court. Regardless of the outcome, same sex marriages will still not be legal in the state.

Kids with ADHD, Autism More Likely to Have Gender Identity Issues (Psych Central News)

A chart review study of over 1,000 children found that those with autism or ADHD were more likely to express gender variance than their peers without the condition. Furthermore, those with ADHD who expressed gender variance also had higher rates of depression and anxiety. There was no differences for children with a medical neurodevelopment disorder such as epilepsy. Gender variance occurred equally in both males and females.

In other gender identity news, polls show support for the recently passed inclusion of a gender identity clause in Maryland’s non discrimination laws while a similar law in Kansas was put on hold until next session.

You’re Not Alone: Medical Conspiracies Believed by Many (Reuters)

A survey of over 1,300 U.S. adults determined that nearly half agree with at least one medical conspiracy theory . The theories ranged in popularity with the belief that the CIA infected blacks with HIV being the least believed. The study also suggests those believing in such theories were more likely to utilize complementary and alternative medicine.

Federal Agents Arrest More Than a Dozen in Internet Child Porn Sting (KCEN TV)

Fourteen individuals were arrested as apart of a massive child porn sting that involved over 200 victims throughout the U.S. and four other countries. Most of the victims were male and in their teens. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations reports this is their biggest operation yet.

Teen Pregnancy Campaign Turns Cell Phones Into Crying Babies; Reminds Teens That Sex Has Consequences (Medical Daily)

A new campaign by uses text messages to simulate the needs of a newborn. The goal of the campaign, on its third iteration, is to engage with teens and start the conversation about safe sex and teen pregnancy. Each “parenting session” last for 12 hours and is meant to be interactive and witty but not shameful.

Sex Stories: Week in Review, 3/7/14

Sexual Health Rankings presents Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from around the country.

New Rules Press Colleges To Improve Sexual Assault Procedures (WBUR)

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act takes effect today. It holds institutions of higher education responsible for the prevention of sexual violence, sets standard procedures for disciplining offenders, and requires greater transparency on campus policy and procedures related to sexual violence, including not only rape but also domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

Senate Blocks Bill to Overhaul Prosecution of Rape in the Military (Talking Points Memo)

The prosecution of military sexual assult will remain in the military chain of command after the Senate voted down Sen Kirsten Gillibrand’s proposal. The vote, which was very close, likely will please the Pentagon which strongly opposed it and disappoint advocates who feel keeping such cases in the chain of command adds to the military’s problematic response to the issue.

Army’s Top Sex Assault Prosecutor Suspended After Assault Allegation (Stars and Stripes)

In more military news, the Army is investingting its top sexual assault prosecutor after he was accused of groping and attempting to kiss a former employee. Lt. Col. Joseph Morse was in charge of prosecutorial training and assistance worldwide. Morse was suspended immediately after the allegation was made.

‘Upskirt’ Photos Legal in Massachusetts (Huffington Post)

Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court ruled that taking photos up the skirts of women did not violate state law because the victims were not naked. This ruling overturned one by the lower courts tht upheld the charges against the perpetrator. MA lawmakers promise to update their laws to include incidences where photos are taken of individuals who are fully clothed.

Transgender Woman Sues for $2.5 million After Being Told She Must Compete as Man in CrossFit Games (Gay Star News)

A transgender woman is suing CrossFit because they would not let her compete in the women’s division. Though Chloi Johnson is legally recognized as a woman in California, Crossfit denied her request, arguing that her male genetic makeup gives her an advantage over genetically female competitors.

1 in 10 Americans Think HTML is an STD, Study Finds (LA Times)

A technology survey of over 2,300 Americans found 11% of respondents believed HTML was actually a STD. Though the study’s focus was on Americans’ knowledge of tech-related terms, the results also speaks to a lack of general knowledge about the names and types of STDs.

Second Baby Possible ‘Cured’ of HIV (CNN)

A California baby given high doses of antiretroviral drugs appears to be HIV-free nine months after birth. The baby continues to receive medication. This is the second such case in which such treatment seems to cure HIV an a clinical trial to further test it will begin within a few months.

Study Calls for Standardization in Measuring Testosterone Levels (Health Canal)

A new review and analysis of data on over 10,000 patients calls for less reliance on blood tests alone to determine testosterone levels. This call is based on differences in laboratory practices for testing blood samples. The study also, therefore, calls for universal guidelines for labs that are similar to those use diagnoses diabetes.