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Sexual Health Rankings presents Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from around the country.

George H. W. Bush Witness at Maine Same-Sex Wedding (ABC News)

Former President George H. W. Bush acted as official witness at the same sex wedding of two longtime friends. The ceremony took place in Maine which began allowing such marriages in December 2012.

UNL Students for Sexual Health Hope to Promote Dialogue with ‘Virginity’ Documentary (THe Daily Nebraskan)

A student group at the University of Nebraska hope to get their peers talking about the definition of virginity. By showing How to Lose Your Virginity, they hope students will relax about the topics and begin working towards breaking the double standard.

Teens Can Text Sex Questions to Hotline in New Mexico (My Fox 8)

Teens in New Mexico can now text their sexual health questions to BrdsNBz, a new hotline that provides answers within 24 hours. The nonjudgmental responses are provided by health experts and available in both English and Spanish. BrdsNBz targets teens aged 13-19.

Judge’s Decision to Allow Lisa Mehos’ Abortion to be Used as Evidence in New York Custody Case Causes Stir (NY Daily News)

As part of her custody battle, Lisa Mehos is being required to testify about an abortion she received after becoming pregnancy unexpectedly from a one-night stand.. The decision came down from a New York Supreme Court Justice who felt discussing the procedure was important because Mehos had the children in her care during the time of the affair.

House Republicans Argued to Include Abortion Provision in Debt Ceiling Bill (Huffington Post)

As a government shutdown looms, House Republicans attempted to include a ban on late-term abortions in exchange for agreeing to an increase in the debt ceiling. The ban already passed the House but has no support from the White House.

Shaken by School HIV Lesson, A Mom Shakes Up What’s Taught (Seattle Times)

A Washington state mom is working to ensure middle schoolers receive updated information about HIV/AIDS. After reviewing the materials shown in schools, Jodie Howerton was appalled to discover that the curricula was inaccurate, outdated, and fear-mongering. Washington is one of 33states to mandate education about HIV/AIDS.

Ruling Expected Monday on Fairness of Agreement to Integrate HIV-positive Inmates in Alabama Prisons (

A federal ruling about the fairness of the plan to integrate HIV-positive inmates in Alabama is expected by Monday. Attorney Margaret Winter said current HIV-positive inmates are worried about the length of the integration, being targets of abuse and not having access to their medicine. As part of the transition, all DOC staff and inmates will receive education about the disease. Alabama is one of the last states to segregate HIV-positive inmates

With Special Courts, State Aims to Steer Women Away from Sex Trade (New York Times)

New York is creating a statewide system of specialized courts to handle prostitution cases and provide services to sex trafficking victims. The Human Trafficking Intervention Courts will incorporate specially trained individuals at all levels as well as social workers. The model is based on similar systems in cities like Baltimore but is the largest initiative of its kind.

Sex-trafficking Task Force Wants Tougher Laws Against Johns (AZ Central)

The Arizona Task Force on Human Trafficking is calling for harsher penalties for johns and raising public awareness about the problem of sex trafficking. The latter proposal includes a campaign encouraging zero tolerance for human trafficking and hopes to change societal views on paying for sex. Other recommendations include changes to state policies to give victims easier access to services.