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Sexual Health Rankings presents Sex Stories, a weekly roundup of sexual health news from around the country.

HIV-Positive Porn Actors Call for Condoms (ABC News)

Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, two of the porn actors recently diagnosed with HIV are calling for safe industry practices. In response to the recent diagnoses, the industry has shortened the time between HIV tests. Actors are still responsible for covering the costs of tests.

New York HIV Activists Campaign for Increased Access to ‘HIV Morning-After Pill’ (The Guardian)

Act Up, a New York-based HIV awareness and activism group, are working to convince state health officials to start a comprehensive PEP awarness campaign and provide funding for programs to reach at-risk groups. PEP, a standard HIV treatment, may reduce transmission by about 70% if its started within 72 hours after unprotected sex.

Lawmaker’s resignation doesn’t end sexual harassment investigation (

The Kentucky Legislature continues to investigate allegations that a former State Representative sexually harassed staffers. The House insists an investigation is needed to ‘protect the integrity of the Legislature’. Rep. John Arnold, accused of both inappropriate touching and speech, wrote that he does not believe he is guilty of harassment.

SCSU Students Demand Professor Accused of Sexual Harassment be Removed from Campus (Huffington Post)

Southern Connecticut State University students held rally last week to demand the removal of a music professor who made harassing comments and tried to have sex with a recent graduate. The student says she felt dismissed when she raised the issue to campus administrators. The professor was suspended for just a week.

Occidental College Settles in Sexual Assault Cases (LA Times)

Occidental College has reached a quiet and undisclosed monetary settlement with at least 10 of the 37 students and alumni who filed a federal civil rights complaint in April. The individuals are not allowed to publicly discuss the college’s handling of their cases or participate in the college’s Sexual Assault Coalition.

Pope Francis Takes Issue with Church Focus on Gays, Abortion (LA Times)

In a candid interview, Pope Francis confirmed his earlier comments about not judging LGBQT individuals and called for the Church to ‘[throw] open its doors’ and be more merciful. Unlike his predecessor, the Pope feels that Church will lose its way if it continues to obsess over key issues like homosexuality, abortion, and contraception.

Anti-Abortion Measure cold be on 2014 Oregon Ballot” (The Oregonian)

Initiative Petition 6, which would prohibit using state taxpayer money to pay for abortions, is makings its rounds in Oregon. The issue, which needs 116,284 signatures to qualify for the ballot, failed to get the required number of signatures in 2012.